Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a foreign term to many small business owners, and because of that justifying spending money on it can be difficult. However, SEO is a valuable resource that can get your company a step above the competitors, and bring your business to the next level. Rev7 Digital prides itself on transparency and wants you to understand exactly what we can do for you. Understanding the value of SEO is important for business owners to make the most of it. 

One of the most substantial values in SEO is that it increases traffic to your website. By adding keywords to your website content and backend data, SEO will drive traffic to your website. This not only increases new customers for your business but also helps your company rank on the search engine results pages (also known as SERP in the digital marketing world). When a potential customer searches for your industry online, your website will appear earlier on in the results page when it is optimized for SEO. The higher up it ranks, the more potential customers will see it. 

The more potential customers that see your business in search results, the more awareness your business will have. This is another benefit of search engine optimization. More awareness means more people will know of your company, and what you offer. More knowledge leads to more customer conversions, thus increasing sales and revenue. 

When you sign up for service at Rev7 Digital, we look at your current (or non-existing) website and optimize it to create a better, faster, more visually appealing website for your company. This increases user experience for your website traffic and in turn, leads to more customers. We also help you set up a Google Business Page, so people searching for your business can quickly get the information they need. All of this leads to a better experience online and drives satisfied people. 

Overall, the considerable changes that SEO makes, from higher search engine ranking, an optimized website, and an increase in satisfied online traffic, will all lead to higher conversion rates for your business. SEO is an ongoing process, as the digital world is always changing, and so are the keywords and phrases people are searching to find your company. The process of adding SEO services is not for instant results but instead, think of it as a partnership that helps your company continue to grow and flourish. 

To learn more about the valuable process of SEO check out our other blogs that explain various marketing concepts in depth. Here at Rev7 Digital, we are always happy to explain concepts and answer questions as well, so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.